April 21, 2018

Maximum leverage


I’m guessing you’re busy. That your days are filled with meetings and emails and phone calls, and the spreadsheets and lawyering and strategy and research and whatever other kind of day-to-day work that only you can do.

Yes, there’s lots to do. No argument. Your time is split. Absolutely.

But the most important investment you make in your waking hours is in your people.

It’s about leveraging your time.

The time you spend on your stuff is one for one. 

The time you spend on them is multiplied. Sorting them out, giving them vision and feedback and guidance and direction. Setting out the structure, making the human systems fit the organisational requirement, providing the tools and the support so they can do their job.

When you build and nurture the environment and the people, the benefits cascade throughout the building.

Skippy strategy: For maximum leverage, invest time in your people.