February 15, 2017

Meet more


It’s possible to hire by the numbers. Open the job up to the world, accept all the applications, sift out the chaff who don’t meet the minimum requirements, sort the rest top-to-bottom on qualifications and experience, filter by location or salary or something objective. Meet them from the top of the pile until you find the One.

The best candidate *for you* rarely comes from the top of the pile. It’s fit, it’s alchemy, it’s enthusiasm and application and work ethic. It’s the stories that fit between the lines, where experience is obvious and you can tell the difference between someone who was in the room when things happened, and someone who ran the room. That’s interviewing.

But … don’t miss, deeper in the pile, someone who sidestepped life’s A Track but is the Real One.

Meet more than by-the-numbers suggests, dig deeper.

Skippy strategy: Make the time, meet more.