November 11, 2018

Mix the fruits


By now, we all know that the customer most certainly, absolutely, indubitably, 100%, categorically, is not always right.

That said, they have their moments. Lots of them. Actually, heaps. The thing is, they know more about their situation than you do and they’ve probably been thinking about it for a lot longer too. That gives them insight, understanding and an appreciation of the local situation that you can’t challenge from a distance.

That’s not a recipe for rolling over – your advantages have equal weight – it’s a recipe for working more closely together.

Share space. Sit around a table together. Work things through. Consider yourself and your company as part of their team. More important, consider them and their company as part of your team. Co-opt their best people, get inside their thinking, stand shoulder to shoulder and dig some ditches together. 

Skippy strategy: Mix the fruits from both sides of the table.