December 18, 2017

Neat little rows


After any half decent bun-fight everyone involved has a partial view of what just happened. Whatever what actually said, it’s likely that Bill’s view will be slightly different from Ben’s. With four people around the table, the room for confusion is squared. With any more people – there’s no room for clarity at all and uncertainty and responsibility dodging reigns. Unless you …

– line everything into neat little rows.

– take a few minutes at the end to get everyone on song.

– harvest everyone’s notes and edit them into a coherent shared memory.

– separate lists of responsibilities for the people in the room and everyone else.

– share the lists and deal with any commitment or clarification issues.

– do anything other than let the meeting deflate as everyone runs for their coats and the door and their day-to-day firefighting.

Don’t rush away. Create order.

Skippy strategy: Confusions reigns wherever you let it.