February 11, 2017

No surprises


When you have a team member who isn’t living up to the standard, is taking liberties, isn’t pulling their weight, or daily finds some other way of letting the team down … they ought to know.

Sometimes they do, and they’re swinging it; surviving as long as they can before they get kicked out.

Solution: kick ‘em out today.

Sometimes though, they’re kidding themselves. Even if they’ve noticed how everyone else delivers, they’ve convinced themselves that their contribution is so important/valuable/different that they’re living up to expectations. That despite everything, they’re worth it.

Solution: tell ‘em today.

Tell them your frustrations. Work with them on what needs to change. Give them the chance/choice to sort things out.

When you make a people decision, there should be no surprises. Everyone involved should know where they stand and have the opportunity to control their own destiny.

Skippy strategy: No surprises.