February 13, 2020

Not by rote


Some people, you know, will take negative feedback badly. Some will take it well. Some will hold a grudge, some will knee jerk (to fix it or fly off the handle), some will do things different without understanding why and some will dig deep work out the why and the how.

Some will agree and do something about it. Some will disagree and do something about it. Some will agree, wholeheartedly, and do nothing different. Some will disagree, wholeheartedly, dig in their heels and do nothing.

None of this has anything to do with you. None of this affects the feedback you need to give. If it’s what you think, it’s your job to let them know.

Use candour, deal with the actual human in front of you (not by rote) , listen to their reaction, watch for their actions. Whatever happens, keep giving feedback.

Skippy strategy: Give them feedback.