June 1, 2019

Not every manager


Micromanagement happens when a manager thinks their way of doing things is the only way that works or matters.

Either, they trust their experience over anyone else’s and are comfortable pushing for whatever is in their head, or, whether based on arrogance or expedience, they just don’t care what anyone thinks and insist their way is the only way this is going to go.

Every manager knows that micromanagement is a bad thing.

Except not every manager.

More accurately, whilst they’ve all heard that it’s supposed to be a bad thing … some managers don’t seem to agree.

Micromanagers fall into two categories: those who don’t know they’re doing it, and those who think it’s a good thing.

If you’re a don’t-knower, ask for push-back and solid reasoning.

If a good-thinger, expect your best people to find somewhere else to use their head.

Skippy strategy: Micromanagers beware what you’re asking for.