December 23, 2018

Not for everyone


The other things about scrappy startups … they’re not for everyone … even on the inside.

On the inside, startup and startup projects tend to be defined by their closeness to chaos. Things don’t, hopefully, completely and unrecoverably descend into an crevasse, but sometimes it’s pretty touch and go. 

And on that edge, that’s where you find the world separating into two kinds of people: those that can’t live within the event-horizon of chaos, and those who strap in.

Until they’re there, no one can be totally sure of which way they’ll go – but there are indicators.

One one side: a history of big company, process driven, well documented, clear hand-offs and demarcation lines.

On the other: a history of making stuff up as you go along and a willingness to dive under the desk to sort things out.

In the middle: suck it and see.

Skippy strategy: It’s not for everyone.