June 14, 2017

Not jumping in

Golden Gate

When your people come to you and tell you they have a problem, it’s a problem.

And all of a sudden, it’s yours.

Not that you have to solve it for them, but you certainly have to take it seriously.

Most times, that means not jumping in. Listen, properly, as they lay out the situation, then ask questions that help them work out how to deal with things on their own. It’s manager as mentor; lending an ear and a little perspective, and pushing them to take action towards the solution they probably walked through the door with.

Some times though, you have to jump. A connection you can make, a reality check, a word in someone’s ear, making resource available. It’s manager as servant; playing your role a little better or a little more forcefully or a little more decisively.

First: the problem. Then: to jump?

Skippy strategy: Don’t jump straight away.