April 14, 2019

Nothing screaming


Once in a long while you find yourself with nothing screaming at you from your to-do list. Nothing that might go wrong has gone wrong. No one is banging on your door phone email with an immediate need. All the meetings you have to schedule are scheduled.

There’s a window to do two rare things.

First, go perch on the edge of someone’s desk and chew a little fat. Ask them about their life in general, if they’re winning, ask how you can help them – all with no axe being ground.

Second, take a swing at the non-urgent important stuff you keep putting off until you get a damn minute. Now you have one, of sixty, get on with it.

If there’s still a hole in your day, smile, breathe deep and take another walk around or make some non axe grinding calls.

Skippy strategy: Do two rare things.