February 14, 2020

Now start paddling


If you’re sure you know why the project isn’t going well, fix it. Maybe it’s the brief or the relationship with the client, maybe it’s the project management or some deficiency of capacity or capability in the delivery team. Maybe it’s some other thing (you?). Identify, root out, sort. Easy, if a little painful.

Most times though, the issues are more … complex … and they don’t lend themselves to an easy diagnosis or easy fix. Because the issue is everything, everything not quite clicking.

Where to start?

With a whiteboard. Bring the project team together. Today’s brief: no sacred cows, no stupid ideas … how will this team deliver this project to budget. If you get them focused on capabilities, deliverables, time and money … you’ll see a team that pulls itself together and points at a common goal. Now start paddling.

Skippy strategy: Get the project team working, but getting them working together.