January 5, 2017

Nudging through gaps


Some people tell you all the reasons something can’t be done.

Without much effort, they’ll list out in broad concepts all the things that make it difficult – “you’ll have to consider this and this and then there’s that and that” – they’ll tell you it’s complicated, that they’ve tried it before, that it never works, that the regulations won’t allow it, that, even though it’s not a bad idea in itself, it just can’t be done.

Some people find ways to make things happen.

They start with an expectation of success, they use past experiences as data points rather than a definitive route map, they see a path through the difficulties and the complications and the regulations, they question assumptions and have a habit of nudging their way through gaps.

Some people are the ones you want around.

Skippy strategy: Surround yourself with people who always find a way.