June 2, 2016

Ok, now I see


You can talk about it.

You can hope they understand what you mean and how it’s going to impact them, their work, their life.

You can wait, and wait, and wait for them to put the plan into action and get frustrated when they don’t.

You can make up stories about what they’re up to and why they’re not doing what you want.

Or …

You can write it down. Draw it out. Put in on the whiteboard. Discuss it. Argue it. Get blue faced about understanding and misunderstandings. Nail down the detail. Sort out the dependencies. Identify risks. Agree priorities. Mitigate sacrifices. Wrastle down weakness. Get clarity, agreement and commitment to a clear plan. Work out accountabilities and time lines and reporting mechanisms.

One way takes five minutes and hangs on hope.

One way takes a bit longer and hangs on clarity.

Skippy strategy: Ok, now I see what you’re talking about.