August 18, 2021

On a team


Ask your team what they want from you as a manager, the answer is as obvious as if you’d been asked what you want from your own. Most times, the attributes of a great manager are listening, caring, communications and being on the same side. Throw in approachability, supportive and collaborative on new ideas, openness, trusting and trustworthy, empowering and understanding.

You can sum it up into being a decent human being. Someone who understands that the best way for the team to be successful is to for everyone to be treated like they are in fact, on a team that wins and loses together. A team that works towards goals that they understand and in a way that is actively trying to get the best from every contributor.

No one thinks success comes from being condescended to and treated like a resource.

Skippy strategy: Give what you’d want to receive.