March 29, 2016

On advisers


There are times when a little advice will go a long long way.

Maybe it’s the, “How do I …?” practical kind, or the “What don’t I know?” exploring kind, or the “Where am I going? thinking kind.

Without any profile, finding the right kind of help can be hard and it’s tempting to welcome the first friendly face. With a little success, you can get surrounded by offers, and it’s difficult to know which way to turn.

In any situation, when a potential adviser appears:
– Do I need their expertise?
– Is this person someone I actively want to work with?
– Does it feel like they’re on my side (rather than their own)?
– Are they offering to do anything, or is it just advice?
– If it’s only advice, is it the kind I could get for the cost of a coffee if I knew the right person?
– Do I know, or know someone who knows, the right person?

Advisers, like everyone else on your team, need to be the right fit.

Skippy strategy: Choose advisers like choosing partners, eyes wide open.