March 6, 2019

On day one


It would be lovely if we got everything we wanted on day one. There was nothing, and then it was all there. There was underperformance, and then performance. There was unhelpful behaviours, and then they were fixed. We went from the start of the cycle to the end of the cycle in 24 hours flat.

It doesn’t work that way with products – you know that, your customer knows that, everybody knows that.

It doesn’t work that way with people either – except sometimes we behave like is should. We sometimes think that a word in their ear, a difficult conversation, an annual review, a one-to-one in a serious tone … will have an instant impact.

It won’t.

It will be blended with personal perspective and related experience. Even if they want to change, it still won’t happen on day one.

Skippy strategy: Bridging to change takes time, consistent attention and good will.