April 29, 2018

On hiring


When you’ve made the decision to add a new member to the team, there are three key ingredients in the hiring decision: abilities, trust and fit.

Abilities – can this person do the work? Their CV is a guide to but in most roles it’s as much or more about attitude and chops than specific experience or training. Interview widely and filter by attitude.

Trust – can I let this person loose in my organisation? There’s no easy way to tell. Best bet: look them in the whites of the eyes and get them to tell you stories, mine for conflicts and work out their values in dealing with them.

Fit – would this person thrive in this place? The ultimate filter. Your organisation is singular, you have expectations about presence and character and work ethic and confidence. Any newbie needs to meet the grade. 

Skippy strategy: Hire for abilities, trust and fit.