July 6, 2021

Only one


Any time someone on your team makes other people feel bad, you have less of a team. Maybe they roll their eyes with contempt, maybe it’s making others feel stupid for asking there-are-no-stupid-questions, maybe they belittle suggestions and make it clear they believe they’re the only one with good ideas.

What happens when this happens? Other people shut down. They stop bringing their ideas to the table, they stop making suggestions or trying to add value. They don’t work so hard between meetings – particularly when their job is to bring additional creativity to the collective effort – because … why would they? … they’ll only be knocked back again anyway.

What does this mean? The highest bar is set by the disruptive link. One person’s ideas are presented, one person’s ideas move forward, and the outcomes are less than they could be.

Skippy strategy: Never put a non team player on the team.