March 25, 2016

Optimists and volunteers


Not everything goes the way you’d like it. Shock.

There are obstacles, set-backs, let-downs, difficulties, interruptions, illnesses. Every thing that can go wrong has gone wrong and will go wrong again.

It’s in this context that we brings new things into the world, work with partners, find customers, employ staff, put skin in the game, take big swings, bet the farm.

One conclusion: we’re optimists.

One suggestion: work with people keen to push through the difficulties, who see the upside, who are trying to change their world and understand it doesn’t come easy.

That means choosing carefully.

Especially in the days, before you have cast-iron proof, don’t try to cajole or convince – just tell your story and ask for volunteers. They’ll work with you, try harder, stay longer, and see miss-steps as challenges instead of gotchas.

Skippy strategy: Better one volunteer with the right attitude than ten of anything else.