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Sluggish systems

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Finally? Finally! Finally the market is moving your way. That long-planned success might actually happen.

Is here.

Is happening.

Revenue is up, profit is up, spirits are up.

The question to ask … can our systems keep up?

When things start to grow so do the cracks between them. Growth puts new demands on people and systems and assets and cash. Each, a demand you knew would come, but couldn’t get ahead of because … suppose the growth doesn’t happen.

So it’s likely your people and systems and assets and cash are lagging behind the demands of growth. What was once spare capacity now holds you back. 

One of those sluggish systems: the ability to accelerate.

The rules just changed. The game that was about waiting for the market to catch up, just became the market waiting for you.

Skippy strategy: When you’re waiting at the start line, prepare to accelerate.

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