February 18, 2024

Out of the dark


As a manager, there are people working with you.

Let’s say they’re doing a great job, or a passable job, or a lousy job. Let’s say that however they’re doing their job, you have opinions, of one stripe or another. And, just for the sake of additional reality, let’s say you’re busy with the day-to-day of your own place in the world.

And before you look up, it’s too long … too long … since you last had a conversation about the role, their performance, if and how you can help, the direction you see things heading, the new responsibilities you’d like them to step into, the smart way to get the best from you and the rest of the team.

So they’re in the dark. Lacking confidence in the good work they’re doing, and lacking knowledge of where they’re not.

Stop for coffee. Tell them.

Skippy strategy: Take them out of the dark.