June 7, 2016

Out on the limb

At the edge

All of us feel alone sometimes. That we’re out on a limb. A lone voice. Falling by the wayside. Acting in the dark. A tree falling in the forest. Ignored.

Then comes anxiety, fear of failure, loss of confidence, maybe anger and lashing out like a wounded lion.

And all for the want of a nail.

That nail is time together.

Sharing bread. Chewing over common themes and threads. Breaking down issues and building up ideas. Time around a table, finding answers to problems that act like glue and create a bond. That pin us together and remove the wayside worries. Sharing space and insights and idle chat and experiences. Chewing the fat, joking around the fire, gossiping at the water cooler.

You know … acting like a team.

Even the most confident of people can suffer from being alone.

Skippy strategy: Make the call. Arrange the lunch. Share a desk.