November 17, 2016



Every new hire comes with a special set of challenges.

Mostly, we worry about them from the inside-out: are they up to the job, will they pull their weight, can they fit into the team, can they handle the workload, work cycle, pressure, hours? So when we’re hiring, that’s where we focus – capability, capacity and fit.

Then there’s the outside-in challenge: all those fresh perspectives, new ideas, different ways of doing things and working with people … how will they change us, push us? How will their MO affect ours? Will they shift the status quo (which we’re quite happy with, by the way) in ways that, better or worse, we (or I) am not comfortable with?

The short answer to the inside-out question is … maybe. The proof of the pudding etc.

The short answer to the outside-in question is … absolutely.

Skippy strategy: Hiring, is about change.