May 13, 2020

Over all the others


When you have a team, and one person isn’t the kind that fits, move them out. That could mean putting them on another team, to a solo project, or out of the organisation entirely. Depending how talented they are at their individual skill – particularly if it’s a skill that the first team needs – that might be a difficult and disappointing decision, but it’s non-negotiable if you want to keep the rest of the team focused and productive.

The alternative, accommodating their non-fitness, means you’re prioritising their specific talents over all the others. And it might work – and might even be the only option if it’s sufficiently rare and sufficiently critical – but it guarantees frustration, irritation and some of your best people looking for the door.

Skippy strategy: It doesn’t matter how talented, the primary skill needed for a team player is to be able to play as part of a team.