April 2, 2016

Over the wall

A place for everything

In any organisation that’s been doing its thing for a long time, there’s a process – a way that everything gets done. Everyone knows that the orders come in here, Abby does this and Ben does that and the shipments go out there. Anything unusual goes to Charlie.

New organisations, still finding their way, nothing is straightforward. What happens to this order? Where do we have the space for that? How will we answer this question? Who even has the skills or the knowledge or the time to wrastle that cat?

It’s invention-chaos. Only ok because everyone’s in it together, working for the common cause.

Until they’re not.

Until someone starts chucking problems over the wall and expecting everyone else to fix them, to do the dirty jobs whilst they take meetings, to work weekends whilst they just tap their foot.

Left alone, the conceit causes contempt. Cut it off quick.

Skippy strategy: Assume it’s carelessness. Explain what’s needed. Pull together.