July 2, 2020

Paint that picture


Things are complicated. The toe bone or your organisation connects to its head bone along routes and via connections that few of your team know about, let along name. At every step, there is nuance, reason, more complexity, and every part plays its role. Within each team, within your team, within even each role, more connections and moving parts.

Any time anything is this complicated, it’s good to have a picture. Something that shows how things work. Like any product built of components and systems and processes, every team, every organisation, can be explained in pictures more easily that words.

Paint that picture. Whiteboard your organisation so every new recruit know what they’re doing, where they fit and how they contribute to the whole. Make it clear. Use bright colours and simple shapes. 

Show don’t tell – you’ll learn something on the way.

Skippy strategy: Show how it all fits together.