November 24, 2016

Partially sighted


Sometimes, wherever you poke at a problem, whichever way you look, however close you get, you only get a piece of the thing. There’s always another layer or a connected something you’re missing. Until, tired and dirty, you have the whole thing laid out. And it begins to make sense. And you can work on an answer.

Maybe there’s a trick where ‘alf a problem begets a whole solution – but I don’t know it. The only way is … gather all the pieces, dig in or stand back as necessary, make the synaptic links.

When asking for help, first work out, is it one of these problems?

Will a simple request – hold this ladder – do the job, or will everyone benefit from a guided tour of what you know?

Treat the latter like the former: the partially sighted will lead the wilfully blinkered.

Skippy strategy: Share the whole picture.