October 26, 2018

Passive neglect


You have your fingers in lots of pies. You’re involved with customers, suppliers, marketing, product development, finance and all the places that touches, you have direct and tangential relationships across the organisation, you’re connected here and here and here. And every person in every place, inside and outside, needs little piece of you and what you know.

They need you to connect the dots, to create short cuts, to close off dead ends and stop them wasting their time chasing around for what is already known and already done.

They need you to update them, to pull them into the loop when they’re needed and when they’re not needed but their work will benefit even if yours won’t.

They need to be included.

The alternative? Excluded. 

Which rarely makes active sense, and never when it’s passive neglect.

Skippy strategy: Bring them inside and let them know.