January 6, 2016

People like us


Teams need players. Not every player does the same job.

Each player has special gifts that you’re wise to employ. Some are detail people, some flow with the punches. Some love a 1% gain, some swing for the fences. Some eat to-do lists, some work the bigger picture. Some are left brain, some right.

Teams aren’t created with a cookie-cutter. You need variety, difference, peculiar, individual.

Shared goals and values bind individuals into a unit and help them work together.

And every player brings their gifts to achieve the goal. Shared values, shared goals, different methods.

Unless you objective is simply to scale up, don’t build teams with “people like us” – who think like us and do everything like us.

Look for shared values, skills, vim and grit. Everything else belongs outside the cookie cutter.

Skippy Strategy: Get the best ingredients you can, then blend.