April 21, 2019

People who know


Some people seem to think they have a lock on all the good ideas. Let’s call them top down managers. They ask less what their team can do, and ask more that they simply perform some specific task. Which is good if all they need is replicating robotics, bad if any kind of creativity or reactivity might help.

That attitude won’t help here.

There are always people with good ideas about getting from A to B, and some of those ways will be better than almost anything dictated from the outside in.

Whenever you’re looking for the smart, fast, most effective routes, seek out the people who know how to get things done inside this organisation. Ask, “We’re here to talk about the … problem, and we need to know what you know about how to solve it.”

Skippy strategy: The best source of the ideas you don’t have … everyone else.