September 23, 2021

People you want


Building your team is a constant. Sometimes that means coaching, cajoling, consoling or commending. Sometimes it means speaking hard truths. All the while, whatever it takes to add  a deeper foundation, another brick, another layer.

Sometimes building your team means bringing in new people. The need arises, an opportunity waits, and you’re on a quest to add talents and ambitions to the team. The rule of thumb, actually, the rule, the one true north is to increase the capacity and capability of the team. Both. You’re not hiring capacity alone, it’s not about warm bodies, you’re looking for people who can bring their talents and energies, their hard worn experience, their enthusiasm and their passions to the gig.

And what that means is, hire well.

Keep hiring.

Always be hiring.

Always be looking and finding and connecting with the kind of people you want around.

Skippy strategy: Always be hiring.