November 25, 2017

Pick up your crayons


It’s surprising … how useful … is a crayon.

At the crayon level, there’s no room for fine details. No getting bogged down with the beautiful complexity. No jargon, or acronyms or received knowledge that only you know about.

At the crayon level, you’re dealing in principles, lumpy components, showing how car fits in the garage – not the intimate workings of the internal combustion engine. The currency is understanding on a grand scale. Top down. The 1000 foot view. A workable map.

At the crayon level, you bring the uninitiated with you. You help them understand where they stand and how things fit. You get everyone to appreciate the big picture and the direction of travel.

And it works in reverse too.

At the crayon level, everyone finds it easy to plan. Eyes up, everyone spots the milestones together.

Skippy strategy: Pick up your crayons and draw pictures together.