June 30, 2020

Pigeon shaped holes


Pigeons fill pigeon shaped holes – and whilst it’s tempting to think you’ll find an exact fit for your exact requirements, hiring based on the hole is … limiting.

Assuming you’re hiring by any other criteria than the shelf foot, you’re looking for a person who will add their talents and experience and work ethic to the task at hand. The more senior or critical or autonomous the position, the more you need a human than a pigeon.

Even if you can nail the specification today, it will be out of date tomorrow. So use the job description as a broad guide, a rough filter that lets a wide range through the gate. Look at the people, their problem solving and their ideas, listen to their war stories and how they dealt with adversity.

Skippy strategy: Start broad, find the right person, then work out how and what to do with them.