October 9, 2017

Pizza night


People have an enormous capacity for work. If you or their internal motivation pushes them enough, they’ll work ’til the sun comes up or down they drop.

And that’s amazing. That in a crunch – when the calendar and the volume of work conspire against you – the normal bounds of day-by-day capacity can be ignored as you necessarily squash man-weeks of work into just a few days of elapsed time. That way products are launched, buildings are opened, customers are serviced … miracles are done.

But beware. Whilst an occasional crunch-killing pizza-night in the office might actually be good for morale as it builds a team around a crisis. Too many too often destroys morale, and energy, and good will, and eventually the team itself as members find someplace else to go fishing.

Skippy strategy: Don’t rely on pizza night too often – they go soggy.