December 25, 2017

Plenty of people


Plenty of us have plenty of problems with plenty of people. We don’t like the way they work (or don’t), or how they communicate (or don’t), or how they treat everyone (or don’t), or any other damn thing they do (or don’t).

One option is to moan about it to other people. To gather around the water cooler and vent – letting everyone know exactly what’s wrong with that other person, (encouraging them to feel the same way and, for extra credit, share their own horror stories).

Another option, shrink from the hot rock. Step away and let other people take the misery.

The only real option … deal with it.

Tell the person how you feel, look for understanding on both sides, point out (quietly) how they way they behave affects how you and everyone else behaves.

Good people will find a new way.

Skippy strategy: Moaning fixes nothing.