June 9, 2019

Point the way


Bringing new things into the world, like products or services or processes or any kind of change, means doing entirely new things or doing old things in new ways. That’s the game.

Whilst that might be (probably is) something you’re entirely comfortable with in principle, it can still be a sticky process as you work things out as you go. It’s never this then this then this. It more … if not this then let’s try that, hmm, ok, not that then, so how about this.

For someone who’s never been around the houses before, and didn’t even dream they might exist, it can be a difficult and stressful journey as they have to learn everything from first principles before they can see how to use them.

That means they need time, probably need coaching, and they’re looking to you as their guide.

Skippy strategy: Slow down and point the way.