December 28, 2020

Potential upside


When there’s someone on your team who isn’t living up to the requirements – either because they can’t do the work or don’t fit the team dynamics – you have plenty of options but it really comes down to two choices. Do something about it, or not.

Doing something about it starts with direct and timely feedback, involves being specific about the requirement and pivots around accountability and continued management – at least until any improvement beds in or an exit is completed. At any point in the process, with the kind of negative reaction that puts fear in the mind of a manager, things can get worse before the results – good or otherwise – become clear.

The potential upside is worth the discomfort.

The alternative … avoiding the issue … is common, short-sighted, risks worsening team dynamics and guarantees continued poor performance.

Skippy strategy: When it just isn’t working with someone, embrace a little discomfort.