July 3, 2017

Pull them closer


Chances are … they have questions.

Questions that have been rolling around, just out of reach, for months.

Questions like … what do you think of the deal, how would you sum up the year, where are we going next, how are we doing, why did you fire him, hire her, where does their role fit into the wider plan, what do the customers think of the new product … what’s the story?

They have questions. Nothing threatening, nothing ground breaking, just a genuine interest the organisation they work for.

And you can ignore them. You can dodge opportunities to be asked questions and wriggle out of answering them. You can be too busy. Say your door is open but keep it firmly closed. You can get caught in your own bubble.

Or you can seize the mic, and pull them closer together.

Skippy strategy: Make opportunities to communicate: receive and transmit.