June 3, 2022

Push papers


Sometimes an underwhelming team member knows that what they’re doing isn’t up to standard and they don’t care, they’re holding out, waiting for you to do something about it – and whilst you don’t, they’re happy to take the money and push papers around at the edges.

Other times, they don’t know. They look around and see comparisons in what everyone else is doing – whether they’re real or not – and believe they’re doing a decent enough job, or even a stand-out job, and take your lack of feedback as positive approval.

In both cases, it’s on you.

It’s your job to call it out whenever the team is being let down. In situation two, maybe all it takes is a word in an ear and a showing of the mirror. In situation one though, it’s time to have that long-avoided conversation.

Skippy strategy: Don’t leave anyone guessing what you think.