January 8, 2021

Quite the haul


Anytime some new lands in your team there’s a running in period. They get used to you, you get used to them. 

Getting used to you is a big step that always takes longer than you’d expect or like. If it’s a new role that hasn’t existed in this team before, there’s added complexity as everyone, including you, works out the corners and edges of the job itself – and that’s a step that can take months. Then there’s getting used to the pace of the place, the work ethic, the team dynamics, the expectations. It can be quite the haul.

Getting used to them is as simple or complex and any human relationship. There’s a way to get the best out of each other, and seventeen (thousand) ways to nudge things away from optimal.

Give it time.

Skippy strategy: Don’t make judgements without giving both sides time to learn.