August 7, 2020

Ratchet in


Some people and some organisations are a bit, erm, disappointing when it comes to fulfilling on their commitments. If those people are inside your team, you can, erm, influence how they overcome their issues. If they’re outsiders over whom you have no influence, because you’re just one of the voices who want their attention – like if they’re a customer or a supplier – then you have to adopt one, erm, strategy.

And the strategy is … get ahead of the game and use every influence you can muster.

If you know they’re slow at responding, if you know their organisation has a teetering bureaucracy that can take months to balance, if you know they have seventeen of their own ducks that need lining up … give them extra time. Start one, two, three months early and ratchet in some bureaucracy and time pressure of your own.

Skippy strategy: Start early and give reasons.