July 19, 2016

Recovery and adaptation


Athletes understand that whilst training puts their body under stress, it’s the recovery that makes them stronger.

Whether the session is on the track or the bike, in the gym or the pool, the act of exertion damages tissues – muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones all suffer the consequences. Thankfully, evolution built us a system that responds with tiny adaptations – but only if it’s given the chance.

Recover properly and you’ll jump higher, run faster and throw further. Re-stress the parts too quickly or too much and you’ll spend a lot of time on the sidelines.

So with work: too much too often makes for burnout and broken relationships.

Build in recovery time for reflection and adaptation. Come out the other side stronger.

Skippy Strategy: At the end of the project, hang your bike up and take a beat. Reflect together on the rights and the wrongs of the work. What didn’t work and what would you do differently next time? What worked well and how can you do more of that? How will you adapt?

First published 14th May 2015.