September 23, 2022

Right people


Some roles are easy to fill. Not in the warm-bodies or lower-the-bar sense, but because they’re well defined, universally understood and with a deep bench of experienced contenders. It’s not that you’re willing to hire anyone, it’s that there’s a choice between plenty of equally qualified options. Easy to fill means easy to fix if you make a poor choice.

Some roles are harder to fill. Maybe they’re less well defined in the first place, maybe you imagine the role is as much about how a talented person would shape it in their image, possibly it’s a new role that’s come from growth and we’ve never had a specialist around here before. The harder the role the greater the risk. If you’re not sure, recalibrate after every data point. If you’re still not sure, keep on looking.

Skippy strategy: The right people are out there – trust that you’ll find them.