March 1, 2020

Ring a bell


In the middle of things, dealing with the day to day of the decision making process, fronting up to the customer, battling the technology until it bends to your will, out on the road, chasing down partners or suppliers or investors or love … you know what’s going on. You know the cut and thrust, you know the moment the pebble hits the surface and you can see the ripples expanding to the future shores.

Nobody else can.

Not unless you tell them.

Not unless you bring them inside the circle, give them the blow by blow and point out how things are supposed to go from here. Better, when the pebble is still in the air, ring a bell.

Break it down, tell them where this fits and where the ripples will hit the banks.

Skippy strategy: Don’t assume they know, or that they know what to do next.