September 9, 2017

See the spectrum


In any good team, there’s a variation of comfort with risk.

It’s a spectrum: at one end … those who love to play it fast as loosy-goosy, who roll with dropped deadlines and can keep jelly wobbling and plates spinning without breaking the mould or the china; at the other … nail-it-downers, who love known knowns and hate anything else; then there’s … everyone else, somewhere in the middle, watching the arguments and happy enough to wait.

Wherever you are on the spectrum … appreciate the span … and realise that you found your equilibrium some time ago. Everyone’s positions come from their personal nature/nurture battle. It’s unlikely you can say anything to argue them up or down their scale.

If you’re at one end, especially, encourage and pay attention to the other. If you’re in the middle, create the debate. See the spectrum … then decide.

Skippy strategy: Managing risk has little to do with comfort.