April 16, 2017

Set the tone


It’s easy to settle into a rhythm. This is how we do things, this is the pace we work, this is the way we talk to each other, this is how it’s done.

Culture. The way we do things around here when we don’t talk about the way we do things around here. Automatic. Normal

Which is lovely and everything unless normal is unhelpful.

Unhelpful like moan-fests – where everyone moans but no one take the initiative to sort them out.

Like happy-talk – where Dr Pangloss is in charge and no one confronts or even acknowledges the brutal truth.

Like complexity-celebrity – where difficulties are emphasised to the point where they’re unchallengeable, insoluble, inestimable.

Like slow-boats – where the pace we work keeps everyone outside the dock.

You set the tone.

Tell a joke, be honest, confront the dragon, get cracking.

Skippy strategy: Break the unhelpful rhythm.