January 30, 2017

Shared memory


This happened. He said this, she said that, we decided the best route from A to C was via Z.

Two things are going on here.

Someone took notes. They wrote down in a decent level of detail the what the who and the how of the discussion. Some of it was a waste of time at best and nonsense at worst. But between the beginning and the end, enough was said to come to a reasoned conclusion. A decision was made.

Second, the result is being shared. More people than were at the meeting can benefit from the meeting. They now know what was talked about, what was decided, and if they’re listening along, why it went that way.

The result: a shared memory and everyone dancing to the same tune.

It takes two steps to make the team tango.

Write it down, share it.

Skippy strategy: Document and share.