August 7, 2019

Shared values


The classic, consultants four quadrant grid with dimensions based on values and performance:

1. Shares the Values – Doesn’t Perform :: 2. Shares the Values – Does Perform

3. Doesn’t Share the Values – Doesn’t Perform :: 4. Doesn’t share the Values – Does Perform

Someone in Quadrant 3, easy, let them go. In Quadrant 2, easy, help them fly.

What about 1 and 4? Trickier? Not really.

With Quadrant 1, a perfect fit values-wise but who can’t cut it, even after coaching – move them into a role where they can perform.

Faced with Quadrant 4, someone doing a decent job by the obvious metrics, but who can’t live up to the group’s shared values … move them on or you risk compromising everyone else’s efforts. Their work will suffer and, seeing they no longer fit, they’ll move someplace where they do.

Skippy strategy: Build teams first with shared values. Everything else comes after.