January 29, 2020

Shutters down


Every skippy manager would like to think they have an ease in every relationship in their team. That everybody should be comfortable enough in their position, and confident enough in their abilities to be able to raise any subject without nerves or fear of push back. 

The short hand for this kind of assumption: my door is always open.

Your door may look open to you, but to most people … it probably looks like the shutters are down; you’re busy all the time and, whilst fear isn’t an issue, they don’t want to disturb you with what they squash as minor or personal matters.

The result: they never walk through your open door.

So invite them in and open the space. Annual reviews are part of the process, one-to-ones help, but how about walking through their own open door.

Skippy strategy: Drag them through your always open door.