March 18, 2016

Silver bullet


There comes a point with any team when personalities (or agenda or method or contribution or something) start to clash. Before you know it, there’s as much attention on what’s happening inside the group as on what it’s supposed to be doing. Sometimes more.

Oh, for a silver bullet.

If there was one, down its side in beautiful cursive, it would say:

– Don’t agree the direction of travel

– Don’t agree or know the what or why or how to of the thing

– Don’t agree your way is going to work, or, think their way is better

– Do think something else is more important

– Can’t see how this thing will work anyway

Without the bullet to kill disagreements, fixes aren’t easy. There’s just the natural process of building clarity, cohesion and trust as you work the problems together. If there is a short cut … it looks, walks and quacks like an honest and open discussion.

Skippy strategy: When the focus turns inward. Sit down and work it out.